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Mr. Wright grilling hamburgers during SULA BBQ.
Mr. Wright getting hamburgers and hot dogs ready for the grill
Ms. Oliver showing Mr. Wright he has grilling skills too by flipping over a burger.
Mr. Healy serving up hamburgers to kids.
Ms. Hodgkins making sure all students get apples.
Students sitting and enjoying the BBQ burgers and hotdogs.
Game time during BBQ.
Mr. Matthew and student making ice cream during BBQ
Mr. Matthew's ice cream making skills are open for business during bbq
Making ice cream with science
Long line for Mr. Mathew's ice cream
Mr. Matthew mixing ice cream
Final product ice cream in a waffle bowl.
Class of 2021 senior's  sleeve logo
Seniors showing their "Zooming into High School" SULA t-shirts
Kids standing in group for ice cream
Ms. Hodgkins and students
Zooming into High School t-shirt
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