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Welcome to SULA, the school of leaders!

Salomé Ureña Leadership Academy (MS 322) embraces the cultural diversity of our students and staff, using those assets to continue to expand our knowledge, understanding, and viewpoint beyond the classroom doors.


We seek to provide a warm and welcoming learning environment, supporting the academic, social, and emotional needs of all who enter this school. Through a rigorous academic curriculum, we prepare all students to excel in a competitive, 21st-century workforce.

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Entrance celebrations
After School
SULA Basketball
Track and field
Social Studies Group Work
I can ice skate
Comfortable experiments
SULAs Dinasours
Zoo Aquarium
ENL Class
Future scientist
Art Gallery
Table Tennis
Computer scientist
Teachers in Pink
Halloween group
Ice skating
SULA Basketball
Columbia University visit
Ramp up
Griffins Block
Math groups
Parents and desserts
Bronx Zoo
Scientists at work
Moon phases
Stars in science
Dancing Merengue
Volleyball Griffins
Collaborative learning
Video Games
Holiday Hallways
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